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  • Villa Poggio Salvi, Vermentino (Toscana)

Villa Poggio Salvi

Villa Poggio Salvi, Vermentino (Toscana)

Villa Poggio Salvi, Vermentino (Toscana)

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From the winery: A long-established grapevine variety from Tuscany, spreaded along the coastlines and the big islands of the Tyrrhenian sea. It delivers its best when grown not far from the sea and when fermented alone, elevating its fruitiness. It has to be harvested in the early morning hours.
Its fertility, the early maturation, the sweetness of its grapes, and the quality of its wine are values merging into one unique variety, that is hard to find in any other grapevine.
Giorgio Gallesio described the Vermentino grape with these words in his vintage writing “Pomona Italiana - a treatise over fertile trees” (Pisa 1817-1839).

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