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  • Villa Girardi, Amarone Classico

Villa Girardi, Amarone Classico

Villa Girardi, Amarone Classico

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From the winery: VILLA GIRARDI AMARONE is produced from the four Valpolicella grape varieties (Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Oselta) which are cultivated high on hillside terraces. The modern guyot high density method of training the vines is used, and only the best and most mature clusters are selected for AMARONE. The grapes are placed directly onto small open racks and brought to an open sided building where they are dried by the cool breezes of autumn and winter until the following February. To produce Amarone is a labor of love. After fermentation, the wine then undergoes a period of aging of at least three years in oak barrels before being placed in bottles where the wine will age at least another year. By carefully managing the drying and vinification process, the winemaker Giancarlo Tommasi, crafts a wine of power and. VILLA GIRARDI Amarone is a wine which one can proudly serve on special occasions, particularly with red meats, game and ripe cheeses. But it can also be sipped an ideal companion to enjoyable conversation.

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