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  • Mollydooker, The Boxer

Mollydooker, The Boxer

Mollydooker, The Boxer

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From the winery:

The very first person to taste this wine said “It’s a knockout!” so we named it The Boxer. Did you notice he is a double Mollydooker?

This Boxer is astounding, so rich and so smooth and so powerful. Succulent berry flavours with luscious chocolate layers as well as licorice and spice. The deep dark colour of the wine matches the deep flavours of the wine. 2013 Boxer is rounded and full on the pallet and the perfect balance of tannins and fragrant oak support the impressive fruit. The Shiraz brings so much character and complexity that it will be applauded by all who drink it. ~Matt~

The 2013 Boxer is a knockout for sure. This wine continues to be a fan favourite which my friends keep asking me for more. Once in a glass, the room fills with aromas of red berry fruit, fresh plum, dark chocolate and hints of Christmas cake. Once in the mouth, an explosion of blueberry fruit, coffee, toasty oak layer with a chocolate cream finish. A rich yet decadent wine, I could easily drink a bottle of. ~Peter~

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