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  • H.Blin, Champagne Rosé


H.Blin, Champagne Rosé

H.Blin, Champagne Rosé




From the winery:

THE ROBE, pale golden pink « grenadine » is reminiscent of a caress, a rose petal: the softness of velvet fabrics.
THE NOSE shows freshness linked with fresh fruits, its “rosé” character appears through a subtle astringency and a light vinosity. While warming up, the mineral notes, even chalky, take over, mixing fruity and vegetal nuances of red fruits such as redcurrant, raspberry.
THE MOUTH, spicy and fruity notes mix themselves with deeper brioche aromas in a posture of roundness and structure. A rosé champagne remarkable by its strong character, showing soft material. The general impression remains in the delicacy between power and lightness.

A champagne both discreet and present, fine and subtlety powerful.

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