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  • H.Blin, Champagne Reserve

H.Blin, Champagne Reserve

H.Blin, Champagne Reserve

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From the winery:

THE ROBE, golden yellow, with light glints of bronze, shows a gracious effervescence.
THE NOSE, fresh and lively, lits up around lively nuances of bread crumb, of wheat, yeasts and citrus (lemon) showing the youth and raw character of the aromas. While warming up, the fruity notes of apples, ripe pears and stone yellow fruits (apricot, peach) take over, giving to the wine a hearty appearance.
THE MOUTH, neat and fleshy, expresses itself in a balance both mineral and corpulence. A delicate fullness mix with its recurrent freshness giving a feeling of loosened elegance, of restrained power in a perfect harmony.

The fruity notes of yellow fruits are predominant. A well balanced champagne, between freshness and power.

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