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  • Cloudy Bay, Te Koko

Cloudy Bay, Te Koko

Cloudy Bay, Te Koko

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From the winery:

The very existence of Te Koko is the result of winemaking curiosity. The idea of using indigenous yeast was unheard of in New Zealand when the Cloudy Bay winemakers made their first trial in 1991.
The grapes come from the same meticulously managed vineyards as Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc, and the parcels of fruit destined for Te Koko are identified at the time of harvesting. Te Koko is released as a three year old wine, only after all of the individual components are fully integrated.
With its unique flavours and creamy texture, Te Koko is a true leader in its class, a one-of-a-kind wine that offers a rare taste. A great food wine and engaging style for wine lovers.'
Food pairings: Goats cheese, white fish, abalone and oysters.

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