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  • Chateau Camensac, Haut-Medoc

Chateau Camensac, Haut-Medoc

Chateau Camensac, Haut-Medoc

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From the winery: Despite the impression one may have received from the media, there are a certain number of estates in the Haut-Médoc appellation producing quite remarkable wine, although they may not currently be in the limelight.


This is so for Chateau Camensac. After several decades of relatively mediocre performance, this château has clearly revived the tradition of quality that earned the château a place in the prestigious 1855 classification. This achievement is undoubtedly due to the huge effort made by the Forner family since 1964. The Forner family launched a major renovation programme soon after acquiring Camensac.

They installed ultra-modern equipment and entirely renovated the winemaking facilities, in keeping with the estate's large scale. The remarkably restored chateau building symbolises this renaissance. The château (a simple, but beautiful, 18th century manor house) is flanked either side by cellars and outbuildings. "Nature alone, however advantageous, cannot guarantee the production of outstanding wine" is the prevailing attitude at Château Camensac...

Despite this modesty, it is obvious that the estate has outstanding natural assets: excellent soil and a dimension that makes it possible to make extremely refined selections. A dynamic, quality-oriented policy makes the most of these assets, giving Camensac balance and distinction increasingly recognised by the wine media.

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