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  • Bodegas y Vinedos Alion, Alion

Bodegas y Vinedos Alion, Alion

Bodegas y Vinedos Alion, Alion

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From the winery:

Alión was born next to the River Duero, in the vein of the Vega Sicilia, but with a vocation that is independent and innovative. In fact, its philosophy and personality has been clearly defined from the moment the winery was founded.
Its very beginnings boasted the aromas and tastes of a wine that was open, modern, attractive and full of strength and exuberance, with the exclusive expression of the tinto fino variety, a concept that was very different from the tradition of Vega Sicilia. The grape bears the character of the River Duero, the aging takes place exclusively in new French wood and, what is more, the process resorts to the most up-to-date oenological practices, giving a result that is radically different.
 In short, Alión is an excellent wine, adapted to the international taste of the end of the millennium; shaped by a standard of quality that knows no bounds, but which bears the mark of the character and personality of the region in which it was born.
The company makes and commercialises one type of wine: Alión Reserva Tinto.

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